short waist trainer stimulator Loss Weight Slimming Machine

short waist trainer stimulator Loss Weight Slimming Machine Reducer for the abdomen Home Gym Equipment body massager with vibration

short waist trainer
short waist trainer

Attention! The screen on this weight loss device is merely a sticker and must be utilized while plugged in. It can only change the vibration’s intensity; it cannot show numbers. Please place your order wisely, friends!

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How to apply:

Install the back strap in accordance with the installation instructions in the video before using a new machine.

short waist trainer
short waist trainer

The indicator light will turn on when you connect the device to a power bank or a mobile phone charging adapter.

Bind to the massage location,

When you press the switch for one second, the machine will begin to vibrate.

Press “+” and “-” to select the intensity mode.

If a midway stop is required, the machine will automatically shut off after 15 minutes.

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Power: 5.0

(Length, Width, and Height): 36.5, 12, and 3.7

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1. Make vibrations stronger

2. Fat burning using far infrared3.6 Powerful motor

4. The use of EMS bionic microelectronics

5. Three-dimensional slimming with 360° surround

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