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Snail face cream, hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide, vitamin C, hydrating serum set, whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging skincare

Product Name: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Anti-Aging Snail face  Cream Wrinkle Whitening Moisturizing Efficacy: Repairs damaged skin, hydrates skin, shrinks pores, leaves skin soft and smooth. Product Features: It has excellent repair strength to repair various skin problems and make your skin soft and smooth. Four seasons can improve tough and tight skin, nourish the tender and smooth repair.

Product name LAIKOU 24K GOLD Snail Serum Application: 15ml0.52 fLo2 Product size: 25cm2 5cm “880m Effects: Can effectively reduce cough pores, reduce dull skin repair and loo5e skin Can deeply hydrate and rejuvenate Ingredient: ftrateniacd snail secretion called hyaluronic acid ginseng radix et rhizoma Rubra extract Skin types: Suitable for all types of pimples Shelf life: 3 years Caution: Sens give skin must be tested behind its before use.

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Insist on the use, the effect is obvious.

Comparison before and after use 1. Reduces dry and fine lines, improves skin firmness, leaving it soft and elastic 2. Colfax collagen protein is added with apparent effect for sagging skin, can instantly convert the nutritional ingredients of the skin that the skin needs, allows the skin to regain vitality
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